Who is Sensible Adviser?

Sensible Adviser was borne out of a desire to separate my practice from the thousands of firm names and apparent affiliations with Broker-Dealer firms, some of which are well-know and others lesser-known.  Sensible Adviser is an appeal to the everyday investor who requires some practical assistance to evaluate where they are today and what steps they can take to earn a life of dignity.  We challenge the industry status quo belief that it's the financial products that make-or-break your retirement outcome. That's simply untrue.  Process trumps product.  

The sensible side of me understands that the personal behaviors and habits underlying our finances are predictive of the outcomes we experience.  Behaviors are learned over time and are revertible.  The sum of our cumulative behaviors form our value system by which we make decisions today and beyond. A short discovery into what got us where we are today may provide helpful insight into what's possible for us going forward.  First steps are important and we start with a "discovery meeting" to identify what's most important to you.