My Process

My process. Transitioning into retirement can be stressful and overwhelming as we try to avoid mistakes that have lasting effects.  Retirement planning is not a core aptitude in America.  There's many pitfalls to avoid in claiming Social Security, claiming a pension, taking IRS Required Minimum Distributions, retirement plan distribution options, using life insurance, managing a chronic illness, etc.  Pursuing wealth and well-being should be part of a thoughtful process.  We start with a complimentary “discovery meeting” when we learn if working together will benefit you.  

Client areas of focus.  Pre-Retirees, Boomers, Generation X, widows/widowers
I have long been involved in circumstances from divorce settlements and the death of a spouse.  Both are incredibly overwhelming and require an organized process to work through.   I work at arms-length to offer my clients' assistance when life delivers a loss.  Reach out to me and let's talk about first steps.

Working with other professionals. It's important that any professional advisor you may hire be willing to coordinate efforts (on your behalf) with other professionals you may work with (estate attorney, tax professional, professional fiduciary).

Investing is a big part of your life plan. Investing consistently over time for many years may produce positive results.  Managing our own investment behaviors is the largest obstacle to building wealth.  Do you invest like a tortoise (persistently consistent) or a hare (taking larger risks to get there quicker)?  Together, we'll discover what type of investor you are and how we can help pursue your investment goals.  How you feel about investing is an important consideration to any plan.