I don't want to bore you with how I started and made my way in this industry.  You can see my history on the link at the bottom of this site homepage, listed under BrokerCheck > Steven Andrew Leach > more details > Detailed report.  What I'd want you to know is that I found meaningful work at the age of 34 that continues to attract my attention and passion for helping others.  Life experience makes for a better adviser.

I am 25 years married to my wife, Lisa.  We are parenting 2 young men, Kevin and Nathan.  My wife works professionally as an accountant and Certified Public Accountant for our local City of Beaumont.  We spend our leisure time guiding our son Nathan as he looks forward to playing soccer in college.  

My favorite pastime is motorcycling, specifically dual-sport motorcycling.  Clients are often surprised to learn that motorcycling is my top leisure sport.  I believe there are numerous parallels with my profession and dual sport motorcycling.  It's very much both risk and reward.   Like investing, there's more risk to going it alone, so I don't ride alone.  I don't ride without some contingencies, like knowing I have quality equipment in good order; a GPS locator, hydration and tool pack, and a 2-way radio.  I ride with riders more experienced than myself.  The team approach works well for me, just like investing.  I try not to fear any trails, trusting that there's always a way forward, and there's others there to help me when I need assistance.  When the trail appears easier, I throttle up and use my instincts.  When the trail is questionable, I slow it down, processing more information, and then pick the best line to pursue.  I don't let fear keep me from attempting the hard ways.  Sometimes I need encouragement from fellow riders to get through the tough pathways--we can all succumb to fear.  The benefits are on the far side of the trail, in personal accomplishment and life fulfillment.