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What I offer

Whether you're looking for a 2nd opinion or help developing a path for success, the hourly service model will serve you well.  I can offer you a menu of services and then we can discuss what's the best fit for you.   A comprehensive look at your financial life will give us the best opportunity to help you develop and reach your goals.  I want to first discover the numbers with you and then I want to understand how you feel about them.  Your life plan is all yours and unique to you. 

  • Retirement planning
    You want to make the most out of your employer plan assets and IRAs.  The tax laws are increasingly complex and not retiree-friendly.  Why wouldn't you seek out the experience of a local professional?
  • Coordination with other professionals
    You may have a tax professional and elder care attorney professional in your life.  They serve a dedicated purpose and we want to work with them on your behalf to decrease your consultation time and improve your outcome.
  • Income planning
    You understand where your money comes from and goes today, but what happens when you stop earning a wage?  Planning for distribution requires an assessment of your willingness to take risks over the duration of your life.  
  • Insurance Planning & Analysis
    We'll review your existing insurance policies and make recommendations of policy changes when appropriate.  We'll assist you in changing beneficiaries when needed.  Managing your life risks and having a backup plan to protect your income and lifestyle should be a priority. 
  • Spending Plan Development
    How efficiently money flows through your household will determine your retired lifestyle over several decades.  Stewardship of your resources is a large part of the overall health of your retirement plan.  We'll help you analyze different scenarios to respond to emergencies and ways to thoughtfully manage the future income for both you and your survivor(s).
  • Investment Planning
    We'll determine your needs for contributions and growth.   We'll help you understand the amount of risk you're taking with your investments and recommend appropriate investments to help you reach your goals.
  • Small business employer retirement plans
    We'll show you the benefits of sponsoring a small business employer retirement plan.  The primary purpose should be to attract and retain qualified employees through defined contribution employer retirement plans.  You'll then decide what plan type fits your business best.