Generation X

Our generation is a sandwich generation (born 1965-1985).  The 2 largest generations in American history came before and after us.  We’ve only ever known a tough employment market, we’ve experienced 2 major stock market corrections, we grieved through 9-11, we are the most highly-educated/most indebted generation in the US, and we’ve been the benefactors of a computer-age.  We’re burdened with aging parents and grandparents who may rely on us to care for them.

Our ideal retirement is not what we see for our parents and grandparents.  We are creating our own vision of independence.  We struggle with deferring gratification today for a better lifestyle tomorrow.  We value technology, though we are sometimes consumed in it.  We are active, creative, social-media connected, skeptical, and concerned for our future of healthcare, Social Security, and lifestyle.  We’re also behind in retirement savings.  We’ve seen inflation and under-employment diminish our standard of living over the past 2 decades with little wage growth.  We’re approaching our best earning years and our future of financial independence is in question.  We don’t want to be sold products.  We demand solutions.  We use the internet to get informed on just about everything.  We want someone who understands us to explain how to accomplish our own idea of independence.  

My office will offer you a fee-only program (no products, process-only) to help you get on track for your own financial independence.  

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”        Les Brown, author