Baby Boomers

Born between 1946-1964, Boomers fall into 2 subsets [early Boomers, late-Boomers born after 1955].   The early Boomers reaped the benefits of a strong economic times and growing birth rates post-WWII.  Boomers are hard-working and goal-focused.  America had become a modernized economy during your earning years.  Your wage growth and secure careers would last 40 years with pensions and affordable healthcare allowed you to improve your lifestyle, own a home, vacation, and fund a retirement.  The Reagan-era economy brought positive change to your lives and set the economy up for a strong trajectory as America was coming of age in a new technology era.  

The youngest subset of Baby Boomers were born after 1955 and are turning 53 in 2018.   Many of you enjoyed greater college education and some great early career years.  Many of you use credit liberally and focus greatly on lifestyle and nice homes/cars.  You’re also less prepared (in whole) than your earlier Boomer cohorts and you need advice to understand what you should be doing today to provide for an acceptable lifestyle.  Early retirement and prohibitive healthcare expenses pose a risk to so many of you prior to MediCare eligibility.  You’ll likely see cutbacks in your Social Security benefits during your lifetimes as a symptom of governmental policies failing the taxpayer.